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Downtown Flushing Framework Plan

Queens, NY

Client: New York City Economic Development Corporation

Jeanne Giordano Ltd. was on the team hired by EDC to develop a plan to guide future development in downtown Flushing, the waterfront, and Willets Point. JGL responsibilities included retail and entertainment recommendations with attendant urban design and planning implementation techniques. JGL led graphic design efforts to assemble a cohesive and understandable poster summary and book of the team’s collected information and recommendations.

The methodology for implementation included meeting with Flushing developers, planners, community and religious organizations, politicians, and individual stakeholders to understand the complexity of the neighborhood and to review past studies, zoning issues, area history, environmental concerns, building permits and applications.  There was a two-phase charette to which the community and public officials were invited.  An inventory of all existing retail and entertainment in the project area as well as locations of existing and future residential and commercial spaces was notated. The neighborhood was visited all times of the day and week to determine use patterns by age groups, mass transit, and parking issues. Areas were then segmented by potential major uses and types of retail, i.e. regional, big box, community services, small scale

The end product included an analysis of where future developments should take place with attendant retail uses required to satisfy existing and future needs of the community. Recommendations were made for locations of retail by size, parking requirements, transit reach, walking patterns, and compatibility with scale of street and block. Two RFPs were developed: one for Municipal Lot 1 in the center of the downtown and another for Willets Point. 


Downtown Flushing Framework Plan

Development Framework Summary